Wall Mounted Vs. Free Standing Dip Station

If you are looking for a suitable alternative to that expensive gym membership, the one that you never really have time to get the best out of because of how busy your life is, then you may be thinking of a piece of home equipment like a dipping station or dip bar. With all the choices out there, how do you know which is best for you – wall mounted dip bar or a free standing dip station? In the following post we will look at both, discussing their positives and negatives. Although we can’t make the decision for you, this will help make your decision a more informed one.

Wall Mounted Dip Bar

wall mounted dip stationWhen it comes to wall mounted dip bars, the main reason so many people choose this kind of bar because of its floor space-saving, compact, convenient, yet durable design. If you have ever used free-standing dip stations, you will know that the less expensive models can be very wobble. When you secure dip bars to the wall though, you can be sure they will stay exactly where you want them to.

Even if you are unsure whereabouts you are going to install the wall mounted dip bar or you have very limited free space around your home, which made you decide against a dip station; you will still be able to find a suitable place to install it. As long as you can make use of the appropriate fixings to secure it properly to a wall in question, you will be able to get to it and do those dip repetitions.

Having something already installed on a wall in your house also helps to save you time, as you won’t have to possibly unfold or take out of storage your equipment. It will already up and ready to use, you just have to grip the bar and get going.

Free Standing Dip Station

Now, on the other hand, if you are looking to start performing dips as part of an exercise routine, and are looking at the many hundreds of occasional and seasonal items you might invest in; consider the benefits of paying a little more for better value in the form of dipping station.

free standing dip stationUnlike the wall mounted variety, a free standing dip station gives you more options when it comes to your workout. As it is more than just a set of bars or one bar, you have a greater amount of exercises and movements you can carry out using the apparatus. This helps to stop your workout from becoming boring or too samey. The dipping stations designed and manufactured for the domestic market are very similar to the professional machines you will find in your local gym.

Although the investment will be considerably bigger, opting for a dip station will pay for itself further down the line. Consider first, installation. While you may have some simple self-assembly to carry out, once you are done your dip station will always be standing and ready to be used. It won’t involve drilling holes etc.

It should be noted that dipping stations are not with their downsides and probably the biggest when it comes to this form of equipment is the size. Because it is free standing, it takes up a lot more space on the floor which is obviously not ideal if you already have limited space. This is why you may decide to set it up in your garden or garage, this again depends on how much working space you have.

When it comes to making the choice between a wall mounted or a free standing dip station, you can see that there are really good reasons on either side of the discussion. Determining what it best for you, requires that you consider the price, the usability, what you intend to use your dip station or bar for (because if you want to mix and match different exercise types, this is important information) and whether or not you have the actual space required for installation.

Of course, choosing a straight forward dip bar may be what you are leaning towards. If you have very limited space and know you are only going to use the dip bar for dipping, then you are best opting for the wall mounted variety.

As you can see from the above, both types of dip bar have their own plus points and negatives, it is therefore important to consider your own situation and needs and the kind of space you have available.