Power Tower VKR Pull Up Dip Station Review

Power Tower VKR Pull Up Dip Station ReviewObviously, at this site, we are big fans of dips and pull ups and think these are the kinds of exercises people should be incorporating into their daily routines to increase their muscle building and toning. We should say straight off the bat that if you are looking for a relatively plain and simple dip station that will not break the bank too much, then you are best not reading any more of this review. However, if you are looking for something that offers even more versatility adaptability than the average dip station, then you will want to learn more about the Power Tower Dip Station.

Little More About IQI

IQI is a privately owned company that realises its success and great reputation depends wholly on whether their customers are happy or not. The company’s name stands for Innovation Quality Inspiration and these are three qualities that can easily be applied to any of their cutting edge and user-friendly exercise and health products and equipment. The Power Tower is no different and you can really tell that a lot of thought and expertise has gone into the creation of this dip station. As this is quite a bit more expensive than many of the other dip stations we have reviewed for this site, you may be wondering why you should spend the extra money. In the following article, we hope we can show you why.

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Strong Durable And Versatile

You should always have concerns about the design, construction and materials used for any piece of gym equipment you are interested in buying. Not only will a strong and robust product ensure you get the best possible value for money, knowing it is safe to use will give you peace of mind when using it so that you do not have to worry about hurting yourself an can just concentrate on having the best workout possible. The IQI Power Tower Dip Station has been built with high grade steel that makes it ideal for even the hardest of routines you may want to use it for.

Along with the reinforced frame consisting of tubular steel, it also features some additional extras that make it much easier to use. These include 2 inch thick angled cushions to give you comfortable support for your elbow, wrist and forearm. There Is also various grips to choose from that will help in different ways depending on the type of exercise you are performing and the handles can rotates to the back of the station to make it possible for you to perform chin-ups.

More Than Just A Simple Dip Station

Although dip stations are perfect for adding quick and effective exercises to your day to day life, whether you workout already or not, if you are wanting to have a truly diverse routine you may want to consider the Power Tower. It combines a press bar, pull up bar and dip station into one single piece of equipment. You can even perform vertical knee raise. The IQI Power Tower can therefore be used to perform exercises that will build and tone muscle groups such as your core, abdominal, shoulder, chest, biceps and triceps.

Customer Opinions

We feel it would be very foolish to purchase a piece of home gym equipment just on the basis of what we or even the manufacturer said. You really need another, more biased opinion to give you a more complete story of what it is like to own and use apparatus such as the IQI Power Tower Dip Station.

When looking to Amazon UK then, it is clear that there had been something of a mixed reception among people who have purchased this particular dip station. Although it still has a relatively high average of 4.1 stars out of 5, 4 of the 19 people who left reviews awarded it a 3 star rating or less. While it is true that you should not dwell on just the negative comments, you should not just look at the incredibly positive reviews.

There is a lot of disagreements with some customers commenting that it is not nearly stable or robust and durable enough and others saying that it is. Similarly many people have commented that it does require some of your own tools to put it together in quicker time. You need to think carefully about whether the positives are enough for you to part with your cash with or whether the negatives are just too off-putting.

Our Thoughts

As it is a considerable investment, we would always advise that you think carefully before purchasing this Power Tower dip Station. From what we have seen and read despite its high price tag, it offers good value.

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