How Much Space Does a Dip Station Need

home dip stationThere are various pieces of exercise and gym equipment for which the fitness industry has no standard sizes. You will not find an industry standard therefore when it comes to the proper width of dip bars or a standard size for dipping stations. It is a highly individual thing, as the ideal width for one lifter will be dependent on their own size, which means not every set of dip bars and dipping station will be suitable for everyone. Though the average dip bar and dip station width will work for most people. However, one of the biggest advantages of investing in a dipping station is having the ability to adjust the size to better accommodate you and whoever else in your household who may want to use it.

Choosing The Best Dip Bar Width

When you are looking for the best dip bar width, and this applies to dipping stations too, you should look for bars that have the same width approximately as your shoulder span, or a little bit wider. If you choose a dipping station with bars that are two narrowly close or too wide apart, it will inhibit your range of motion and stop you from emphasising and targeting the different muscle groups involved in dips. If you hold your arms out to your sides then bend your elbows up into a right angle, Measure whatever the width is between your elbows and this is what the maximum width of the bars on your dipping station should be.

The Average Dip Bar Widths

As there are no set standards, dip bar widths vary among makes and models. Generally though, the majority of dip bars have a width of 18 to 24 inches. Many machines and dipping stations feature adjustable grip widths. If you are taller and larger you can often rotate the handles outwards to give a wider grip and rotate them inwards to give a closer narrower grip.

The Connection Between Dip Bar Width And Muscle Emphasis

Machines and stations with adjustable handles have two purposes – they are designed so that a greater number of different sized people can use them, while allowing there to be emphasis on different muscles. When you perform a standard dip it focuses on the back of your upper arms, but you can also adjust the position of your body, so that it targets your chest muscles and anterior shoulder. If you want to focus on your triceps, you need to use narrow handles, point your elbows directly behind you and keep your torso upright as you lower your body. When focusing the chest muscles, you need to use wider handles, flare your elbows out to the side and lean your torso forward as you lower your body.

Safety Performing Dips

You should remember that the dip is a an exercise that it advanced and places a lot of pressure on your shoulders. If you want to try and reduce the level of stress on your shoulders, you need to be careful not to lower your body any lower than the position where your elbows are sitting at a 90 degree angle. If you are unable to press your body properly, you need to either use a dip assist machine or place a bench beneath your feet.

So although there are no real standard sizes, you now know a little bit more about the reason why you need to be aware of your own shoulder width before purchasing a dipping station. Another consideration you obviously need to make is the size of the dipping station with regards to the amount of space you have available. Again, dipping stations come in a variety of different sizes and there are no industry standard dimensions, so it will mean looking around for the right one.

Fortunately, that is why we are completely sure you have come to the right place by visiting our site, as we have reviewed a number of different dipping stations, all with different dimensions, some bigger and longer, some smaller and shorter. It is our goal at Dip Station to help you and as many other people as we possibly can, find the right dipping station for their own needs and budgets.