MAXSTRENGTH Power Tower Pull Up Chin Up Exercise Dip Station Review

MAXSTRENGTH Power Tower Pull Up Chin Up Exercise Dip StationIf you want to workout from the comfort of your own home and avoid paying for that gym membership you never use anyway, it may be worth considering an effective piece of home gym equipment. What to choose though, considering there is such a diverse range of products available nowadays. At, we are obviously big fans of dips and dip stations and therefore would suggest that you consider a piece of equipment that enables you to perform dips safely and efficiently – why?

Dips, in a similar way to pull-ups are a compound, body weight exercise that work various muscle groups in your upper body, including your arm, back, shoulders and chest. The great thing about dips is that you do not need to do a multitude of repetitions over the course of a long workout session. They can be done when you have a spare 10 – 20 minutes here and there and are often better at building and toning muscle than more popular, easier to perform exercises. Although you can perform this exercise by standing between and using any two surfaces of the same height, it is better to have a set of bars or in this case the MAXSTRENGTH Power Tower dip station, designed to be used for dip workouts.

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About MaxStrength

MaxStrength is a branded line of products from Power Star LTD, who are one of the foremost weight lifting, fitness and martial arts equipment and supplies manufacturers in the UK. They have been in business since 1990 and have not only been distributing to the UK, but further afield to mainland Europe and even the US. Why should you buy from MaxStrength? According to Power Star, if you are to benefit for high quality equipment and accessories at unbeatable, competitive prices with no fuss money back guarantees when things go wrong. With all of this in mind, let’s take a closer a look at the MaxStrength Power Tower Dip Station.

Easy To Setup And Adjust

MaxStrength have always tried to make their products as user-friendly when it comes to the assembly process and actually using them and the MaxStrength Power Tower Dip Station is no different. There are adjustable sit-up leg holders and a whole array of different handles and grips to give you the chance to perform a wide array of different exercises such as vertical knee raises, dips and various forms of pull ups. It is a flat pack style assembly product, but do not be alarmed as it has been designed to not be too problematic to setup.

Solid, Durable And Safe Construction

It is always crucial to find a dip station or any other piece of home gym equipment that has been constructed using only good quality materials. MaxStrength understand the importance of this, which is why their Power Tower has been built using solid steel. Along with ensuring it is durable and robust, they have also made sure it is very safe to use.

Customer Opinions

It is our view that you should never purchase an item online without first looking over the customer reviews submitted about that product. When you take the time to look at the reviews for the MaxStrength Power Tower Dip Station, it is very clear just how popular this particular dip station has been. Scoring an amazing average of 4.8 out of 5, with 10 customers awarding it the full 5 and just 3 awarding it 4 stars, this dip station has been very well received by the people who have spent their hard earned money on it.

More than anything else, customers commented on what great overall value for money the product was, stating that it was easy to assemble, use and much stronger than the price tag would suggest.

Our Thoughts

There are so many different dip stations, both wall mounted and free standing, to choose from that there really isn’t an out and out wrong or right decision. It is actually more about finding the right product for you, your circumstances and your plans for the equipment. When it comes to the MaxStrength Power Tower Dip Station then, you have to work out if you really want an all-singing, all-dancing with bells on type of apparatus or a simple and effective one.

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