Hardcastle Wall Mounted Combo Dip & Knee Raise Station Review

wall mounted dip stationDips and pull ups have a lot in common. For one thing, you do not have to do too many of them to have a good quality workout and because they can be done, when using the proper apparatus, from the comfort of your own home, they could save you money in gym membership fees. Dips have a tendency to look a lot easier than they actually are to perform. It is important that you note, if you are a complete newbie to dips you will need to practice a lot at the basic technique and may have to build up your upper body strength a little before you are even able to complete one full repetition. The results if you do, are worth the effort, practice and perseverance though.

As mentioned above, dips and pull ups are made infinitely easier and safer to carry out when you use appropriate equipment to perform them that have been designed specifically for this kind of use. we are referring to products like the Hardcastle Wall Mounted Combo Dip and Knee Raise Station. Unlike many of the other items listed on our site, this is not a free standing station, but rather one that saves space by being attached to the wall. Why should you consider investing in Hardcastle’s wall mounted dip station? Hopefully this review will show you why.

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Trusted And Reliable Brand

Although it should never be the only determining factor when purchasing a particular product, the brand should be considered as you want to part money with a manufacturer who is trusted and reliable. Hardcastle Bodybuilding is one such manufacturer. They have been industry leaders for some years now and are known for creating and selling high performing gym equipment and accessories made from only the best materials. The Hardcastle Wall Mounted Combo Dip And Knee Raise Station is no exception and a good addition to their family of products.

Fully Adjustable To Suit Your Body Size And Frame

One of the things you will notice about many of the free standing and other dip stations reviewed on our site is that they feature a fixed height or width. Although the one-size-fits-all approach works well with most people, if you have a below or above average sized frame, you will probably benefit from something that can be adjusted. The Hardcastle Wall Mounted Combo Dip And Knee Raise Station offers 3 different handle positions that adjust inwards and outwards to suit your own specific body size and frame.

Wall Mounted To Save Floor And Storage Space

The majority of dip stations featured on our website consist of a free standing frame design or two stands with bars on each. However, the problem with these kids of dip stations is the amount of floor and storage space they take up when they are not actually being used. This is why many people turn to wall mounted designs that are taken off the ground and are obviously ideal if you have only a small home or flat, do not have enough floor space or simply do not want to give up floor space. While it is somewhat trickier to install this kind of dip station, Hardcastle have ensured it is as easy as possible to setup their Wall Mounted Dip And Knee Raise Station,

Customer Opinions

Something that we repeat a lot but bears repeating is the fact that if you are going to buy something online, it is important to consult reviews submitted and written by customers who have actually purchased a particular item and therefore know exactly what it is like to own and use one. When it comes to the Hardcastle Wall Mounted Dip and Knee Raise Station, despite there being a number of reviewers giving various ratings, there is still a clear majority who thought it was worthy of either a 4 or 5 star rating.

Many customers commented, as you’d hope, on the soundness of the construction and usability of the dip and knee raise station. Whereas many of the negative comments seem to be directed at admin and distribution errors and not the actual product itself.

Our Thoughts

If you are in the market for a dip station, but want something that will not impede the floor space you have at home, while offering the same usability as a free-standing dip station, this is the one for you. Reasonably priced, well constructed and relatively easy to install – it will enable you to workout when you want and where you want to.

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