Gravity Fitness Parallette Dip Bars Review

Gravity Fitness Parallettes for Cross-fit, Callisthenics, Body Weight, Dip BarsWe are always on the look out, as human beings, for more efficient and quicker ways to workout and exercise. Whether our goal is to lose weight, build muscle or tone existing muscles more; patience, consistency and perseverance are very important if you want to be successful. While there are no shortcuts for getting the body you want, are there ways you can speed up the process by intensifying the exercises you do? In a word, yes. high intensity workouts can help quicken the speed at which you build and tone your muscles and lose weight. One of the best low-impact, but high intensity, muscle targeting exercises is the seemingly easy to perform dip.

As easy as they look to perform, dips are anything but easy to master properly. Although you do not require a special piece of equipment for dips, as they can be performed using any two strong and robust surfaces of the same height; you are likely to do better having a specially designed piece of kit such as the Gravity Fitness parallettes that you can work with. Why trust Gravity Fitness, the creators of this particular dip tool? One of he fastest growing suppliers of Callisthenics and Function Fitness equipment in the UK, Gravity Fitness aims to produce easily affordable equipment that mean the general public, and not just select groups, can benefit from the world of Callisthenics, Functional fitness and all cutting edge Street workout and Fitness techniques and exercises. Why invest in this particular dip station? Let’s find out…

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Diverse Range Of Exercises Are Possible

Our site is all about dip stations and yes this is because we feel dips are a vital part of a workout and even if you only have time to do one upper body strength-building exercise, you could do worse than making dips the one you do. That being said, thanks to the clever design and versatility it brings to your own home or garage, the Gravity Fitness Parallettes are ideal if you are interested in a changeable routine of diverse movements and exercises – particularly if you are interested in dips, body weight reducing and muscle building and toning or callisthenics and cross-fit.

High Quality Design And Construction Using Only The Best Materials

Anything you use as part of your daily workout routine, should be chosen not just because the price meets your budget or because it is the perfect size for the space you are going to be using it in. It also should be chosen because it has been designed and built using only the finest and most reliable materials. You don’t want to invest money in a piece of home gym equipment that you intend to use every day for a considerable number of years into the future, only to have it break down after a week or so of regular use.

This is another reason why you should trust in Gravity Fitness who have not only ensured their product is sturdy and robust enough to cope with daily regular use, thanks to its Matte finished, powder coated steel frame, but have tested it for use by users of a maximum weight of 20 stone. As Gravity Fitness are very confident that you will not have a better experience with any other parallettes on the market, they have put their reputation on the line and offered a full lifetime guarantee with them. Now, we would hope that any item we buy would not need to be repaired or replaced much, if at all. However, as you can never be too careful, the lifetime guarantee still adds an extra level of enticement to an already decent set of dip bars.

Customer Opinions

You should always take the time to browse the reviews section of Amazon for items you are interested in. This is especially crucial if you are unable to get to a physical store to check out a particular piece of equipment or product. When looking at the Gravity Fitness Parallettes reviews submitted, despite the fact there are only 15, the fact that the bars have received an average rating of 4.5 stars suggests they are not a product you should quickly dismiss.

Customers were especially happy with the sturdy construction and design and how easy they were to put together.

Our Thoughts

If your budget allows for you to push up to the more mid-price range of the market, it is worth giving the Gravity Fitness Parallettes due consideration. Not only is it good that they come separate and therefore can be placed at a suitable distance apart for your body size, but thanks to high-grade steel used in their construction, you can exercise with confidence that the product will not easily break or cause you injury.

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