best dip stationSo you are interested in losing weight and building muscle in a more efficient, easier and quicker way than you can with other pieces of gym equipment and want to invest in a dip station? If you know a little about dip stations, this is probably going to be something of a breeze. However, if you are completely new to them, or find the fact that there are so many different types, models, brands, prices and extras to consider and choose from – the choice of the right dipping station for you could be something of an intimidating one.

At we understand this and that is why we have put together a buying guide with all the things you should consider and think about when trying to find the best piece of equipment for your own schedule and home.


Obviously, it would be foolish not to take the price of the various dip stations out there, into consideration. How much money you have to spend, will ultimately be a factor in the kind of dip station you can purchase. However, the thing you need to be careful about is not making price the only factor. As with anything, if a dipping station seems very inexpensive, there could be very good reasons for that and there could be questions over the quality of it. It is best to try and spend as much as you can, within reason, to ensure you get the best quality possible. After all, you are relying on a dip station to help you lose weight, build muscle and have a generally better health. You are not going to be able to do that, if it is not the best quality you can afford.


It should be common sense, but it is nevertheless worth noting, that the materials a piece of exercise equipment like a dipping station is made from is crucial. Not only will it impact how long it will last, but it will have a bearing on how well it functions on a day to day basis and how safe it is for you to use. While you might save money investing in a dip station that is not made form stainless steel or iron or another strong metallic material, you may have to spend more money further down the line if it breaks. Therefore look for dip stations constructed from sound and robust materials.

Adjustable Or Fixed

You will find, as you look through the various dip bars and dip stations that some are fixed widths and heights, whereas others offer a certain degree of adjust-ability. Having something that you can adjust would be handy if you were looking to increase the number of different exercises you wanted to do as part of a workout, and if the equipment was going to be used by various people in your household of different sizes and statures.


While some dip stations are simply two parallel bars that you can use to complete a number of different dips and related exercises, others are complete three or four-in-one pieces of equipment. It really depends on many of the other factors mentioned on this page and the type of workout you intend using your dip station for as to whether you want an all singing and dancing Power Tower with Pull Up Handles, Dip Handles and Padded Vertical Knee Raise or a more simplistic design for just doing variations of the dip.

Customer Reviews

You should always, and we mean always, consult customer reviews when you are looking to buy anything online. This is especially important if you are unable to get to a physical store to look at the product in person. Amazon UK is a particularly good resource for customer opinions as you always will know the people who have actually bought the item they are reviewing and can be sure that they are giving an honest account, because it indicates whether or not they are a “verified purchaser”. When looking at customer reviews though, you should never just look at the positive reviews and read what you want to read. It is wise to read through as many positive and negative reviews as you can, to get a fuller picture of what it is like to own and use a particular dip station.

Now, all of the above should just be seen as a simple guide and not even something you need to follow religiously. We hope if anything it helps you to have more clarity when it comes to finding the best dip station for you.