What Are The Benefits of a Dip Station

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Are you toying with the idea of investing in a dip station of some kind? Maybe you’ve liked what you heard so far about them but are still feeling a little on the fence about whether it is right for you or now. If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place as we are going to take some time in this post to look at the main benefits that come from performing dips in general, keeping in mind that if you are working out from home or want to, having a dedicated dip station is a far more efficient way to exercise, and safer than any DIY setup, too.

Dips, when performed correctly, are one of the most effective and intense isolation exercises you can use to develop toned and strong triceps. Let’s see how else they can benefit you.

Engages Muscles

As a compound push exercise, Dips have a relatively short range of motion that predominately targets and works your triceps. However, they also engage your lower, chest, shoulders and forearms. These muscle groups are actually engaged from the very moment you get into the starting position on your dip station or machine, as you need those muscles to balance and stabilise yourself on the handles. When you start to lower and then raise your body, the muscles provide an effective amount of resistance against the gravitational pull your body experiences. The muscles are contracted for the entire movement, thanks to a lack of momentum which makes this one of the most effective and efficient triceps exercises you can perform.

Strength Building

In following on from the above, it is worth noting that dips build up your strength by targeting various layers of the muscle groups in your upper body. As mentioned above, they mainly target your targets, which is the main muscle at the back of your arm that is used when you extend your elbow joint. Further to these points, when you are performing the push up part of a dip, your anterior delts and upper chest provide support by flexing your shoulders. A number of muscles help to regulate your movement at your scapula, including your latissimus dorsi, rhomboids and levator sculpae. As you can see, all these muscles work out to make your muscles stronger and firmer.

Superior Exercise To The Push Up

While the push up is undoubtedly a great bodyweight exercise, and is similar to dips; it differs in the fact that you only lift a fraction of your own bodyweight doing push ups. Whereas, when you do dips you lift your entire body up.

Dips Are Easy To Modify

Dips are very easy to modify, which means they can be made harder or easier, depending on what you require. If you find it difficult to perform normal dips with bars, you could use a bench instead. Simply sit on the edge of the bench and extend your legs in front of you while sitting your heels on another bench. Now pus your hands on the edges of the bench at either side of your hips in the same direction of your feet and lift your hips away from the bench in a forward motion. You can also increase the difficulty of a standard dip by securing a dumbbell between your feet using a dipping belt or strap around your waist. As another alternative, you could try using a specially weighted vest.

Ideal For Developing The Much Desired V-Shape

If you dream of looking in the mirror and seeing that very sculpted and tapered V shape staring back at you from your upper body, then dips are the perfect exercises for you, In particular, it is wide grip dips that build the specific muscles that form part of a wide upper body physique and frame. By combining dips with your normal workout routine you can stop your chest becoming too unevenly developed or too bulky. Although may people believe otherwise, doing numerous repetitions of chest-targeted exercises and bench presses does not mean you will elongate your muscles. However when you do dips, you encourage the growth of a sweeping, natural chest when you stretch the pectoral muscles slightly while lowering yourself.

As we are sure you can see, there are various benefits to performing dips regularly. Along with these benefits, there are some very practical benefits for making use of a dip station for dips. One of the main benefits of course is the fact that you can do them from the comfort of your own home and depending on your budget, you may also be able to find a dipping station with additional features that mean you can perform other exercises and moves on the same pieces of equipment; thus saving you money.