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Our 5 Best Dip Stations

 Dip StationMax Weight 
Gravity Fitness125kg

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What Are Dip Stations?

If you are looking to work out your pectorals, triceps, chest and back muscles, but don’t have a lot of time each day to spend exercising, you should look into buying a dip station or pair of dip stands. Dips, in a similar way to the hallowed pull ups, are an exercise move that seem a lot easier and ineffective than they actually are. However, due to the use of gravity and using various muscle groups in the upper body simultaneously to lower and lift your body, they are one of the most effective ways to building and toning your muscles.

What Muscles Are Targeted By Dips?

As we briefly mentioned above, there are a number of different muscles used and therefore worked when you are doing any form of dips. To understand a little bit better which muscles are targeted though, you need to understand the two basic ways of performing this body-weight exercise aimed at building the upper body up.

Triceps Dips

The first way of performing dips we want to discuss is what are known as triceps dips. These performed using either a set of two weighted benches, another set of surfaces that are the same height or as you will find on this site, a dip station itself. If you are just beginning to learn how to do dips you can keep your feet on the floor. However, as you build up your strength and confidence, you should place your legs across an equal height surface to make the exercise even trickier. When you start, place your hands behind your body onto a bench with your fingers pointing forwards. Now put your heels onto the floor, the other bench or other side of the dip station and then raise yourself until your arms are straight. This is the starting position from which you then lower yourself down until your arms are sitting at 90 degree angles before pulling yourself up to the starting position again, to finish one full repetition.

Parallel Bar Dips

The second basic form of dips is the parallel bar dip which is carried out using either objects or an object that are equal in height or a dip station that ensures your knees do not touch the floor and robust enough that you can put pressure on it. TO perform this exercise, grip the two handles or bars of the dip machine or station and get into the starting position of your arms being fully extended with your body raised above the bars and legs bent and crossed. You then need to lower your body until your elbows bent into 90 degree angles before you raise your body back up to the position where you started.

Muscles Worked In Triceps Dips

The primary muscle worked when you perform triceps dips is the triceps muscle to the back of your upper arm. Based on information from the Sports Injury Clinic though, the pectorals are also worked during this exercise, as are many other individual muscles and muscle groups in the upper half of your body.

Muscles Worked In Parallel Bar Dips

The primary muscles worked however in parallel bar dips is the pectoralis. Speaking on the subject, the site BodyBuilding.com said that the lat muscles in your back, the triceps, the rhomboid muscles in your shoulders, the anterior deltoid and the pectoralis minor are all worked during parallel bar dips. Additionally, the trapezius muscle found in your upper back is also activated and used by your body as a stabilising muscle during the exercise.

Now before we leave you to explore our website further, we wanted to highlight for you, what we believe to be three of the best dip stations available at the moment.

Top 3: Best Dip Station Reviews

Tinkertonk Dip Station Stand Chest Triceps Exercise Workout Station, Max Weight Capacity: 300kg

best dip station

Are you looking to get rid of that gym membership you never use, or looking to supplement other forms of exercise you take part in throughout the week by targeting the upper body muscle groups? If you answered yes to either of those questions or are just looking to do a little bit more around the house to help shift some weight and strengthen your body, you should consider the benefits of the effective and powerful exercise known as dips and invest in a set of dip bars or something sturdy like this dip station from Tinkertonk.

MaxStrength Power Tower Pull Up Chin Up Exercise Dip Station 7.5 ft Men’s Workout Heavy Duty Adjustable Multi Functional Free Stand Knee Leg Raise Abs Builder Home Gym Equipment

dip station reviews

If you want to workout from the comfort of your own home and avoid paying for that gym membership you never use anyway, it may be worth considering an effective piece of home gym equipment, like the MaxStrength Power Tower Dip Station. What to choose though, considering there is such a diverse range of products available nowadays. At DipStation.co.uk, we are obviously big fans of dips and dip stations and therefore would suggest that you consider a piece of equipment that enables you to perform dips safely and efficiently – and the MaxStrength Dip Station ticks those boxes.

Hardcastle Wall Mounted Combo Dip & Knee Raise Station

best dip station

Dips and pull ups have a lot in common. For one thing, you do not have to do too many of them to have a good quality workout and because they can be done, when using the proper apparatus, from the comfort of your own home, they could save you money in gym membership fees. Dips have a tendency to look a lot easier than they actually are to perform. It is important that you note, if you are a complete newbie to dips you will need to practice a lot at the basic technique and may have to build up your upper body strength a little before you are even able to complete one full repetition. The results if you do, are worth the effort, practice and perseverance though – and the Hardcastle Wall Mounted Dip Station is one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment you can buy.